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April 8 > October 8, 2023

Around the theme (ZERO) GRAVITY, twenty-one artists take over   the new exhibition space from April 8 to October 8, 2023,  for an invitation to suspend time,   experience an exceptional moment between earth and sky, in a floating world, suspended  (or suspension ), a disconnection between two worlds in motion,   made up of fleeting, unusual, poetic visions…

Because it is indeed about weightlessness, a subject that challenges, seduces, intrigues… Vast field from which emerged the themes and the course of the scenography.

A set of creations, emblematic for some and  new productions for others,  as well as a space taken over by Compagnie Adrien M & Claire B for guests and the presentation of a set of works from the collection of the Observatoire de l'Espace, the cultural laboratory of CNES, including the film workIndoor telescope, the first performance performed in situ on the International Space Station from a protocol developed by the artist Eduardo Kac and executed by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet, CAMPREDON art & image invites  to a unique journey, between  dream and reality.

L'édition 2024 explore un motif de la vague convoquant une grande richesse pluridisciplinaire, avec des créations emblématiques et productions inédites (art digital, art textile, gravure, vidéo, design, photographie, installation), articulées en quatre séquences : Blue therapy, Impermanence, Eau forte, La glisse. Une imagerie contemporaine dans le sillon de La Grande Vague, estampe emblématique du Japon, gravée dans les années 1830 par Hokusaï, devenue une véritable icône, attestant de toute évidence que l'artiste, le surfeur, le promeneur sont fascinés par l'impulsion et le prodige de la vague.


The themes

Are we sure of what we see? Perception, after all personal, is the first filter through which images circulate, p but our brain finishes the work and restores a message produced by its analysis including our education, our memories and our expectations.

Teahupo'o Détail Laine touffetée sur toile 300x200cm 2024 (2).jpg

Claude COMO, Teahupo'o, 2024 – Détail de la tapisserie en laine – Dimensions : 500 x 600cm environ © Claude Como, 2024

“Oh time suspend your flight! ”


Like Alphonse de Lamartine who never dreamed of freezing, even for a moment, a sweet moment, the spontaneity of an exploit, a feeling experienced?


Lorraine Turci, Série La dernière frontière, Tirage sur Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta © Lorraine Turci

Our universe, which questions and fascinates every Being on Earth as long as he looks up, but also the laws of terrestrial attraction or even the infinite cosmos, between wonder and existential questioning.


Ben THOUARD,  Underwater world, Tirage Digigraphie sur papier fine art, 60 x 90 cm

© Ben Thouard

Go inside the time of photographic pause, work in its thickness, beyond aesthetic pleasure, to better revel in the ephemeral and the visual vibration, or even suggest a world in suspension, vaporous and alive...

Navier-Stokes ou la beautes des cretes - Hugo Arcier - f6944.png

Hugo ARCIER, NAVIER-STOKES OU LA BEAUTÉ DES CRÊTES, 2018 - Vidéo en images de synthèse de Hugo Arcier / Musique d’Annabelle Playe / 9 min 30 (boucle infinie) 

© Hugo Arcier

The artists

Hugo ARCIER • Marco BARBON • Alain BOURDON • Claude COMO • Jeffrey CONLEY • Aurore DE LA MORINERIE • Maia FLORE • Noémie GOUDAL • Harry GRUYAERT • ConstanceGUISSET • Michael KENNA • Michel KIRCH • Jérémy LE CHATELIER • Jacques MONORY • Arno Rafael MINKKINEN • Sarah MOON • Martin PARR • Bernard PLOSSU • Ben THOUARD • Lorraine TURCI • Etienne REY • Mathieu RIVRIN • Samuel ROUSSEAU • Gabriel SOBIN

Practical information


From April 8 to October 8, 2023

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Last admission 30 minutes before closing.



Parcourez l'exposition au plus près des oeuvres, grâce aux visites guidées qui vous sont proposées.



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